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Black Cow Vodka 70cl/40%

Black Cow Milk Vodka



Black Cow Vodka, this vodka was the world's first to be made entirely from milk! Made in West Dorset, Bridport, to be precise,  the milk is separated in curds and whey. The curds are used to make cheese, the whey is then fermented and distilled to make the vodka. Resulting in a rather creamy and luxurious vodka.


The Tipple Team Review:

Vodka made from milk? Are you sure? Well we gave it a go, and we're glad we did, this was surprisingly creamy and smooth, we tried it neat, with ice, it's strong, so we'd recommend a mixer, tonic, coke or lemonade being more than suitable.

Enjoy with your favourite mixer.



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Black Cow Vodka 70cl/40%

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