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Cruxland South African London Dry Gin 70cl/43%

Cruxland South African London Dry Gin



Cruxland South African London Dry Gin, a fantastic gin with tastes from South Africa, this gin has a unique botanical, namely the Kalahari Desert truffle, the desert stretches itself across Botswana and Namibia, it's dusty, it's remote, it's inhospitable, and it's a tad dangerous!

They take this truffle (found buried under the scorched sand) and infuse it with aniseed, rooibos, lemon, coriander, honeybush, almond, juniper and cardamom, to make this well-balanced and refreshing gin.


The Tipple Team Review:

Well, who'd have thought a rare truffle, found under the sand, thousands of miles away, would be found in my G&T in my lounge in County Durham?

This is such a cleverly balanced gin, it's light and refreshing, with noticeable aniseed, juniper and lemon, carefully balanced with the earthiness of the Kalahari truffle. Delicious!

This just has to be in my gin top 5! 



Just a Tipple, New Road, Crook, Durham.

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Cruxland South African London Dry Gin 70cl/43%

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