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Slingsby London Dry Gin 70cl/42%

Slingsby London Dry Gin



Slingsby London Dry Gin, the original and main contender in the flavoured versions.

Slingsby Gin is named after William Slingsby who discovered the Tewitt Well in Harrogate.

Made with 24 botanicals, of which 17 are locally sourced, this is a citrus-led gin with juniper, rhubarb, primrose and selected teas.


The Tipple Team Review:

Oh, this is really rather perfect, the classic, lots of primrose, rhubarb and mixed teas make for a lovely, fresh and enticing gin.

Very flavourful, great with your favourite tonic and lashings of ice.




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Slingsby London Dry Gin 70cl/42%

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