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Steel River Gin Stainsby Girl 70cl/45%

Steel River Gin Stainsby Girl - The Blue One



Steel River Gin Stainsby Girl - The Blue One.

Steel River Gins are clever, punchy, vibrant and unique, having been born and raised next to a Steel River, this name refers to the River Tees on Teesside, North East England.

This Gin is handcrafted at the Steel River Teesside Distillery, firmly putting Teesside on the map when it comes to fantastic gin!

Stainsby Girl, it's a lovely bluey violet colour, yes the gin is really that colour, it's not the bottle!

Boasting the only gin that's been flavoured with the prickly pear cactus fruit, this gin is bursting with pink grapefruit, fig and watermelon flavours, with juniper holding its own and coming through strong against the other exciting flavours.

The beautiful dark blue colouring comes from the butterfly pea flower, which turns a beautiful shade of pink when mixed with your favourite tonic.

With every bottle comes a unique gin flask, and a multi-changing uplight to make your gin bottle glow, making it the perfect addition to any shelf or home bar.


The Tipple Team Review:

Oh, this is just scrumptious! The flavours are exactly as stated above, with watermelon, pink grapefruit and juniper all mingling successfully.