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Considering selling your bottle/s of Whisky, sell them direct to us

and get a fair price today!

Simply send us a minimum of 4 photographs showing the bottle straight on, the base, the rare label and a close up of the seal showing it is still intact, and a description detailing any faults or defects, and we’ll reply with a free no obligation 

valuation within 48 hours.

Why sell your Whisky to Just a Tipple

We are fast becoming known for selling limited editions, the rare and hard to find, including the likes of The Macallan,

Glenmorangie & Laphroaig just to name a few.

Just a Tipple take whisky seriously and with our expert knowledge you will be sure to get the best deal available to you,

from an old single bottle to your entire sought after collection, we can provide you with a free valuation within 48 hours.

We will always endeavour to provide the best possible prices for your bottle/s, our prices will often beat those

achieved at auctions, When you factor in commissions and other fees we still come out top. There are no hidden fees

and once you have decided to take our proposed offer for your bottle/s it won't change.


Because we are the direct buyer of old and rare whisky there will be no waiting around, like there would be using a brokering service, it's as simple as 1.2.3 send your images, get your quote, get paid. 

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