Speyside Region Whisky


Speyside, or Strathspey is an area that's prominent on the banks of the River Spey.


Speyside is home to one of the most famous single malt regions in Scotland, with rugged woodlands, huge expanses of arable land, crystal clear rivers and murky, secluded glens, this really is the ideal place for whisky distilleries and Speyside is home to over half of all Scotland's distilleries.

A well known, market leader from this region is the Macallen, one of our favourites has to be the double cask, crafted from American and European sherry oak casks, this whisky is citrusy, with zests from lemons and oranges, hints of toffee apples and boiled sweets, plus, plenty of warming autumnal spices. 

Macallan Whisky - Just a Tipple.jpg